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What is a fiveminutepear?

To us, a fiveminutepear is an assignment our instructor gave us in art school in which we had to paint a pear from life in twenty minutes. As soon as we finished the twenty minute pear, we painted the same pear again in ten minutes, bringing all the paint we had mixed and everything we'd learned. Then we painted the pear a third time. Although it was the shortest, the fiveminutepear was the best of the three because we could use the most intention and inspiration.

To you, a fiveminutepear is a place online where you can find content created from a Christian perspective. The animations, web-comics, online games, digital clip art, and more that you'll find here may not be long but they are packed with intention and inspiration!

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My Purpose

My purpose is to create exciting stories, illustrated or animated, that will teach their readers about the things of God. I quickly realized through working in my home church, at college, and on missions trips that there were many opportunities for me to further the kingdom and serve my Savior with my art. I began to catch the vision of what God would do if I offered up my skills. My desire is to create meaningful images, visuals, designs, and media to attract viewers with stories that they find exciting while illustrating a Biblical truth. Christian artist have produced many exciting stories that point to Christ and honor His teachings. My desire is to add to this collection. I hope you find the stories on this site entertaining and encouraging.

My Work

I believe that my creative work can glorify God when it follows some basic moral principles:

  1. Visual art must draw the view back to the Creator. This doesn’t mean that every illustration must be from a Bible story, but every picture should be handled in a way that reflects God’s principles. Images should be done in a style that reflects the creation, not simply abstract shapes. Images should leave the viewer encouraged, either by challenging their thinking or focusing their attention on edifying things, not attempting to disturb or unsettle them.
  2. Visual art must center around communication. Every artist is trying to say something. The artist is responsible to do everything he can to ensure the viewer understands his message. When an artist has no specific meaning, he is not communicating.
  3. Nothing should be drawn that I can’t show my Mom. The subject matter in art should be something that will be appropriate for most, if not all, viewers. I don’t want to create something that I’d be ashamed to show my mother, or my children, or anyone else’s mom or child. If I wouldn’t want them to see it, I shouldn’t draw it.
  4. Creative ability must come from God. There is no way I can glorify God with my art if I don’t trust Him for the ability. By myself I can do nothing, not the least of which is illustrate. I need to seek God for the ability to render anything, and He will fill the artist with the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and manner of workmanship which he needs to do all that God has set before him.