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How to Play

Walking Around

Walk from one place to another using any of three controls:

Point to Walk – tap on a location to automatically walk there
On-screen Buttons – tap & hold the on-screen arrow buttons
Arrow Keys – use arrow keys on your keyboard to walk

Talking and Actions

When prompted at the bottom of the screen, talk to characters or perform actions using either of two controls:

On-screen Button – tap the on-screen spacebar button/text
Spacebar Key – use the spacebar on your keyboard

When talking, text comes in one letter at time. Tap spacebar to show all the text right away, then spacebar again to continue to the next statement.

Changing Rooms

Simply walk into any open doorway or faded edge to automatically travel to the neighboring room.

Trading Items

Trade items by talking to the right characters in the correct order. Get a new item and find out who needs it.

Saving and Loading

Select new game from the main menu to create an account. Saving happens automatically when changing rooms or trading items. Connect to the internet to make sure your game saves correctly.

Access a saved game later using the continue option from the main menu.

Selecting play as a guest from the menu screen allows you to play without creating an account, but your progress will not be saved.

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Promotional Videos

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