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Like the art you see on fiveminutepear.com? Well, similar art is available for purchase as clip art!

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Enjoy a preview of our listings below.

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  1. Kids Collection
  2. Quack-Quack part i
  3. Quack-Quack part ii
  4. Colorful Bees
  5. Cheerful Cupcakes
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Product Details

fiveminutepear Instant Download Digital Clip Art offers many collections of characters perfect for classroom brighteners, teachables, scrapbooking, t-shirt prints, coloring books, and so much more.

These downloadable files offer:

  • Printable instant download files perfect for on-screen and printed use
  • 300 dpi high-resolution images
  • JPG, PNG, and PDF file types
  • Multiple poses and color version of characters in the set
  • Full color and outline version
  • Additional drawings to help make the characters a theme

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